Via Guided DIY Growth Sessions

Guided DIY (guided do-it-yourself) describes our innovative approach to working with business owners overcome time and resource constraints to get fast growth results.

We deliver practical solutions for your actual business growth challenges. Each session is a real work session with specific decisions and actions taken to achieve specific business goals.

All programs start with a Revenue Throughput Analysis – to ensure your team is aligned and focused on what matters most.

  • All Growth Sessions follow Via’s unique “guided DIY” format.
  • An annual program includes an initial Revenue Throughput Analysis and overall strategic review, as well as a custom menu of modules (see below) and is for a team of 3 senior leaders (e.g. Owner, CEO, President, COO, CFO, CMO, etc.). Annual programs include a set of ad-hoc hours of telephone coaching.
  • Individual modules may be selected for a half or full day session.
  • Each module is either half- or a full-day and includes 2 ad hoc hours of telephone coaching, available for 60 days from the date of the module.


Revenue Throughput Analysis (“RTA”) 100

Quickly identify revenue growth constraints across your entire business, and develop key initiatives to optimize revenue throughput and re-ignite your business growth. This growth session is a full-day examination of your business designed to uncover your specific blind spots constraining your growth, and focusing you on the necessary actions to be taken to resolve them.

Value Prop Development – 210

Create a well-defined Value Proposition Statement and competitive positioning for your key product and service offerings to differentiate them in their best markets. Specifically define the unique value you provide to your customers; the one that also gives you a distinct advantage against competitors. The session revolves around four key questions that will raise your level of competitiveness. This exploration includes an examination to help reveal what the key differentiators are for your business. Your team will create a specific value prop statement for one of your product / service offerings designed to make you more competitive with your target customers. 

Market Entry Strategy – 220

Gain a clear understanding of your target market and any “gaps” you need to cover before market entry. Refine your Marketing Plan and develop a specific go-to-market strategy. Create a clear view as to how a leadership team can enter the marketplace to drive new opportunities, to grow current opportunities, and to consolidate all efforts towards that approach which has been developed as being most strategic or having the most positive impact on revenues. 


Competitive Advantage – 310

Develop and apply competitive insights into go-to-market initiatives. Strengthen your competitive position in the market. This growth session gives leadership teams a framework for understanding their competitive space. Participants will learn how to describe the marketplace players they have to deal with, and a methodology to design responses that are practical, doable, and necessary to counter the strength of key competitors and alternatives. 

Build-A-Marketing Plan – 720

Gain a marketing plan foundation for your primary revenue initiative. Learn and use new tools, and gain a new understanding of how to quickly and thoroughly build out a marketing plan to get almost any revenue initiative to market effectively and quickly. This growth session provides the process, tools, and skills to rapidly build out a marketing plan for any new growth idea and successfully bring it to market. You will gain a new understanding of how to effectively launch, promote, and sell any new product or service. This session incorporates the use of the e-learning “Accelerator” platform that gives you access to a “Virtual Chief Marketing Officer” to make it easy to create your own marketing plan. 


Designing a Winning Sales Process – 320

Identify your ideal sales prospects, develop a sales plan to maximize sales results, establish the most efficient and productive steps to a sale, and navigate relationships through authority and desire to win more deals. This growth session helps leadership teams understand their current sales process and purposely design a better one. The tools used in this session allow participants to discover the stages a sale goes through before it is truly concluded. Leadership teams will be guided to identify and better understand their top current opportunities; applying the principles of a winning sales process. 

Lead Generation – 410

Learn and apply new skills and tools to get qualified leads and maximize lead conversions. Leverage the latest technologies in lead generation, and incorporate them into your sales process. Participants will learn the principles by which a company, of any size, can look out and enter into a marketplace purposefully and identify key targets. Participants will identify people within those target companies and learn how to reach them effectively. Also covered are principles of communication and a primer on the most effective use of LinkedIn; both as a way of being found and more importantly – as a way of finding opportunities and leveraging connections in your current networks. 

Account Prioritization – 710

Learn new methods and tools to balance sales and customer support efforts and reduce customer concentration risk and unprofitable customers. Re-energize existing key customers to buy more while improving customer satisfaction and sales effectiveness. Review and analyze your current accounts against a meaningful criterion that will give you insights, focus, and energy to increase revenue and/or profits. Learn new methods and tools to help you balance your sales efforts to reduce customer concentration risk, re-energize existing key customers, and improve customer satisfaction and sales effectiveness. 


Web Marketing – 420

Gain the know-how, tools, and action steps specific to your web investment and map out how to work efficiently with experts or agencies to yield the most cost-effective results from web design, search engine optimization (SEO), and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Leadership teams will learn key principles of current web marketing, how to access and grade their own websites, and, more importantly, determine which elements of a successful web marketing campaign they should engage in. Participants will leave this session understanding how to interact with experts or agencies in the digital field to yield the most cost-effective collaboration in the areas of web design, search engine optimization (SEO), and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. 

Leveraging For Growth – 510

Leadership Teams will establish documented initiatives and newly found leverage to build out a growth strategy that creates new revenue streams and ignites new revenue growth. This growth session focuses on guiding leadership teams through an examination of the various leverage points in their business, and discovering ways to take those aspects to market to spark new revenue growth. Participants leave with key building blocks that drive their strategy for new revenue streams in their business to further their growth. 


The Growth Mindset – 520

Leadership Teams will know how to use the specific tools, methodologies, and processes in a very simple and practical way to integrate a new growth process to keep growth alive; year after year. This growth session will help owners create and maintain alignment within their leadership team as well as design a culture and framework that will drive growth into the future. Specific tools, methodologies, and processes will be learned and used in a very practical manner to enable any leadership team to integrate a growth process in their business to sustain a new growth mindset. 

Customer & Supplier Risk & Leverage – 610

Learn new methods to evaluate customers and suppliers to assess risk and opportunity. A practical plan is developed to put into action with key customers and suppliers to create new opportunities for profit. Participants will learn how to examine key factors to create leverage and reduce risk with existing and potential new customers and suppliers – giving you leverage to grow. 

Customer Service Program – 620

Evaluate and rebalance your current customer service process to align the commitments you make to your customers in order to match what your customers truly value. This growth session takes you through a self-examination on how well your customer commitments match your customer’s expectations (those created by yourself as well as your competitors.) Are you over-servicing or under-servicing your customers? You will “drill down” to carefully examine a “day-in-the-life” of your customers, what they experience, when they need assistance, and how to differentiate between your “intentions” and what you actually deliver. 

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