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Value Prop Interactive was founded by Jose Palomino: author, teacher, entrepreneur, and marketing strategist. Via Revenue is our service line designed especially for owners of B2B companies who want to grow their companies.

These business owners are developing their best overall strategy and the execution plans they need to spark greater growth for their companies. We’ve delivered successful outcomes for a wide range of companies – from “enterprise-class” companies (ie. Salesforce.com, Day & Zimmerman, SAP, and Goldman Sachs) to smaller, privately-held companies such as Burns & McBride and U.S. Axle.

Of course, you want to know the best practices you need to employ to continue growing. Well, that describes our flagship Via Revenue Program.

The Via Revenue Program is designed for business owners and leaders to work on growing their businesses through a range of Strategic and Execution-based Workshops and related Expert Advice – all supported by a dynamic online planning and collaboration portal. The Program allows owners and their team to dedicate a few critical off-site days toward thinking, learning, planning, and deciding on the best ways to for them to increase sales, market share, and profitability.

We help owners look at all the “moving parts” that affect revenue flowing through their businesses – the “throughput” of their most valuable revenue!

Jose blogs at StrategicPropositions.com
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When You Sign-Up for Via, you will learn:

  • Who your ideal customer is and how to target them.
  • How to identify the right market for your products and/or services.
  • Who your competitors are and what threats they bring to your marketplace.
  • What your value proposition is and why you need one.
  • How to price your products/services to return the best value to your business.
  • How to set your messaging apart and create value.
  • How to speed up your market entry.
“As a small company… it’s hard for us to have the expertise to work
some things through while maintaining our day-to-day business.
This [Via] process has been great for us because it gives us access
to professionals and through our MEP we can afford to take advantage
of this process and work with real experts.”
- Richard O’ Connor, VP & Owner, Taylor Concrete, Inc.

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